tax service

The Service Provider shall not be obliged to make such reimbursement if the Service Provider is not at fault with respect to such infringement of third-party rights. TerminApp will inform the Service Provider of such change from time to time by written notice to the address last communicated by the Service Provider. Protocol remove all tax service - biuro księgowe Warszawa Mokotów https://taxservice.net.pl/ workers navigator. cooperates with specialised service companies in order to provide certain services (in particular for sending e-mails, and for hosting the online booking solution). Any costs associated therewith shall be borne by TerminApp if the Service Provider is not at fault with respect to such infringement of rights. TerminApp grants the Service Provider a simple, non-transferrable and non-sublicensable license to the online booking solution to that extent. TerminApp is not obliged to accept the offer submitted by the Service Provider, and therefore not obliged to enter into such contract. TerminApp accepts the Service Provider’s offer in a legally binding manner by activating the account. In all other respects, the Service Provider shall be responsible for compliance with the data protection regulations as controller within the meaning of data protection. The non-binding reservation shall not create any obligation of Bookers or Service Providers for the conclusion of a contract for the relevant services. TIMIFY provides the online booking solution to the Service Provider as software as a service. The contract between the Service Provider and TerminApp is formed only by such activation. If so requested by TerminApp, the Service Provider will submit adequate proof of such entrepreneur quality. Furthermore, the service companies only receive such information of as is required for the relevant purpose of the service provided by the service company. The Service Provider shall be solely responsible for storing data in accordance with the statutory requirements, in particular the requirements under commercial. also transmits anonymised data to the Service Provider for statistical purposes. In the event that non-binding appointments for services from Service Providers are booked, transmits the data provided by Bookers to the relevant Service Provider. In this respect, only has the function of a technical platform operator without any specific influence on the use of the service by the Service Provider. The same shall apply whenever TerminApp is held liable by any public authority or other body by virtue of an infringement of rights by content included by the Service Provider.

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